ICAN Waiting Child Stories: The Haleckys

Earlier this year, my husband, Tom and I switched to the Waiting Child program with Great Wall. We initially were logged in for a healthy girl, but decided to switch to the special need/waiting child list. At that point we were open to either sex. To us, the nature and severity of the special need (as I would not be able to stay home - NY is too expensive) was the deciding factor, not the sex of the child. We had to base our decision on a child that would not need 24/7 care. I can understand people's reticence in switching to a boy from a girl, because you can feel as if you're "abandoning" an already abandoned girl. With the preference for boys in Chinese society, it makes you stop and think when you are completing your paperwork. 

We were looking at the waiting child list on Great Wall's website in February and saw Jacob's photo. We were taken by his sweet face, so full of personality (he was holding a ball and sticking out his tongue). We read his profile, did some research on his special need and contacted Great Wall immediately to see if he was still available. Thankfully, he was. From that point on, everything seemed to move so quickly. We inquired about him, got his file, sent it to the doctor for review, got back to Great Wall and locked him in, all within a couple of weeks. We were so excited. From that point on, everything moved so fast that our departure date (May 27, 2010) seemed to arrive in an instant.

Jacob is post-operative for an imperforate anus and he is, thankfully, fully functional. We met him for the first time on May 31, 2010. He walked into the room at the Heilongjiang Province Civil Affairs Office and noticed us immediately. We had sent a photo album and it was obvious that the personnel at the CWI spent time with Jacob showing him his new family. He walked over to us and let me pick him up, giving Mama and Baba kisses. He seemed a little reticent at first, but quickly warmed up to us. By that night, he was playing with Baba and following Mama around like a shadow. 

We are now home three months with Jacob.  He celebrated his first birthday in America with us in July and we are so lucky to have this wonderful person in our lives.  His English gets better every day and he loves his new family.  He is the start of the show and everyone gets a big kick out of him when they meet him.  He is funny, smart, healthy and bold.  He recently began Montessori preschool and loves it.  It is evident to us every day that he was well taken care of at the CWI, as he came to us knowing how to dress himself, eat with a fork and spoon, drink from a cup and tell us when he has to go to the potty (most of the time). 

Some days it is a struggle, to be the "instant" parent of a toddler, but we take it all one day at a time and thank God we were given this amazing little man to love and raise.


Diane Halecky
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