Philippines Adoption Cost

Philippines Adoption Cost Overview

To give you a general understanding of adoption costs for the Philippines, the following list outlines fees paid directly to CAN, fees paid for in-country adoption development and legal processes through CAN and fees paid for your Home Study and Post Placement reports. All listed fees are a portion of your adoption costs and are subject to change without notice.

Online Application Fee $225
(Opens your file to review and determine eligibility for adoption from your preferred country)
CAN Professional Service Fee $5,000
(Provides families with personal consultation, instruction and support at every stage of the adoption process)
Foreign Adoption Program Fee $3,000
(Allows CAN to work with foreign governments for program development and in-country legal processes)
Home Study Fee (Home Study Update is not included) $1,200
(Assesses your readiness for international adoption. This amount is only for families residing in Texas. Fees for Home Studies conducted outside of Texas vary.)
Post Placement Fee (3 post placement reports) $900
(Evaluates and reports how adopted child is doing with the family. This amount is only for families residing in Texas. Fees for Post Placement Reports conducted outside of Texas vary.)
CAN Post Placement Administration Fee $500
(Directs and supervises required post placement reports for clients outside of Texas.)

Don't forget that the IRS offers a Tax Credit of up to $13,170 to adoptive families.

CAN offers our families a Dossier Preparation Service to ease their adoption paper chase and to give assurance that their dossiers are correctly assembled for submission. CAN also provides Online Hague Parent Education Courses to help adoptive parents meet the minimum credit hours required by the Hague Convention. These services, along with the other amenities available to CAN families, are designed to make your international adoption process as effortless and enjoyable as possible. These fees are not included in any item listed above.

The international adoption process requires proper document preparation, filing and approval with the USCIS. Adoptive families are responsible for paying the set fees associated with each step. International adoption also involves traveling to the foreign country from which you are adopting. Travel costs include airfare, accommodations, meals and ground transportation, in addition to the requirements for your child(ren)’s entry into the US (visa and its required medical exam, as well as airfare). All fees are set by and are paid to third parties and may vary from case to case. These fees are not listed above.

For more details on the adoption process and estimated costs, request our ICAN Outreach Guide.